Lucinda Brant and Victoria Vane both make the list!

From The Lit Asylum:

The Ten Best….So Far

Jul 3, 2012 by

Mid-year 10 best list.

Well, I must say that the first six months of 2012 have been very good to me, as far as books go. My genre of choice has had rather slim pickings, but other genres have not failed me. I have interviewed and reviewed the first two authors on my list.  Their series are excellent and I can’t say how much I loved them. Here is my list in no particular order:

Caro Peacock’s Liberty Lane series.

Imogen Robertson’s Westerman and Crowther series

Susan Higginbotham’s Her Highness the Traitor

Lucinda Brant’s crimance the Alex Halsey series, as well as her Roxton series, is a throwback to the golden age of romance novels but with a modern voice.

Sophie Perinot’s The Sister Queens

Victoria Vane’s Devil DeVere serial novellas.

Timothy Ashby’s Devil’s Den

Elizabeth Loupas’ novels The Second Duchess and The Flower Reader.

Most anticipated books yet to be released:

Angus Donald’s, King’s Man and Warlord.  His publishers should be smack around a bit for having book 4, available before book 3 in the US.  What the hell, publishers?  Good thing Angus is so available to his readers or this could have cost him.  But we think he is worth waiting for!!!  Yes you see it: 3 exclamation points!  Read his books and tell me you didn’t love them, I dare you!!! Jeri Westerson’s Blood Lance. Her newest offering in the truly swoon-worthy Crispin Guest series!


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