Feature Title: NOBLE SATYR by Lucinda Brant

It is my pleasure to participate in the DID I NOTICE YOUR BOOK BLOG HOP hosted by Ciara Knight. http://www.ciaraknight.com/ .

I thought this was an excellent way to bring to notice some fabulous books that may otherwise stay under the radar, and since this blog is an homage in part to the Georgian era, I thought it only right to choose a Georgian era novel.  My selection is from an author who was previously unknown to me.

France and England in the age of hedonism and enlightenment. A green-eyed beauty is abandoned at the court of Versailles. The predatory Comte de Salvan plots her seduction. An all-powerful adversary snatches her to safety. But is he noble savior or a satyr most despicable?

 1745  Antonia is pursued by the lascivious Comte de Salvan who wants her as a mistress. When the libertine Duke of Roxton snatches her from Salvan’s clutches, she believes herself rescued. Has she merely swapped one seducer for another? Will Roxton save Antonia from the Comte? Can Antonia save the Duke from himself?

Author’s description: If you love BBC Classic Drama, Georgette Heyer, Georgian England, plenty of wit and adventure  then you’ll love my books! As well as determined  heroines and heroes, there’s always an eccentric character or two and a weave of subplots to keep  things interesting. They’re the kind of books I always wanted to read but seem few and far between when strict genre formulas are the norm. Above all, I want my readers to be entertained.


This book first caught my attention for the mid-18th century settings of France and England and a plot highly reminiscent of one of my Favorite Georgette Heyer titles, THESE OLD SHADES.  When I went to the authors website  http://lucindabrant.com/noble-satyr.php  I discovered to my delight that this is the first book in a Georgian era series that the author describes as “crimeance” or a hybrid of  criminal drama and romance.  I was immediately intrigued and couldn’t pass up the $.99 promo price. I downloaded it to my Kindle and devoured most of it in one night.  LINK TO MY REVIEW ON GOODREADS: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/238060802

What do you think? When you are in love with a particular author or book, do you seek other similar authors/books?


13 thoughts on “DID I NOTICE YOUR BOOK ?

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  2. I’m having so much fun see what all of you have chosen today. 🙂 I love genre blends! I’ve never heard of ‘crimeance.’ What a great term. I’ll be around later to see if Lucinda found her book. Have fun!!

  3. Hello Georgian Junkie, thanks for the review. I don’t read much historical fiction these days, although I used to when I was a younger lad reading YA novels. Best wishes for Lucinda Brant and her book Noble Satyr.

  4. I have read all three in the trilogy. Good stuff. I still have to read her stand alone and the Crimance series of books.

    Thanks for posting!

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