All in a day’s work – theft of human hair, counterfeiting, pocket-picking and bigamy!

20 September 1718  (from The Weekly Journal, or The British Gazetteer):

 When the Sessions ended last week at the Old-Baily, the following persons receiv’d sentence of death:

John Brown, and William Greenwood, of Istleworth, for horse-stealing.

John Wood, for feloniously stealing 4 watch-movements, value 4l. 17s.
Robert Foot for counterfeiting the current coyn of this Kingdom.
John Hill, for stealing wet linnen.
Francis Lloyd, for stealing 4 pounds-weight of human hair, value 30l.
Charles Campbell, was convicted upon two indictments one for stealing a cloth coat, pair of pistols, and pair of silver spurs, out of the coach-house of John Mendez de Costa, at Highgate; and the other for stealing a cloth coat and seat-cloth, the property of the Bishop of  London.

William Shaw, for stealing several pieces of diaper, value 30l. from his master Sir John Lock.
Joseph Dod, Henry May, John Brown, and Samuel Cole for house-breaking.

And John Filewood, alias Violet, convicted upon two indictments of snatching pockets from womens sides.

** Note this last mentioned malefactor has deserv’d hanging ever since he was breech’d.


Ordered for transportation 41 persons.

Burnt in the hand, John Horton, for marrying two wives; namely, Katherine Newcomb, and Mary Angel, Spinster.

Order’d to be whipt, Joseph Clement, for stealing a silver spoon.



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