Tyburn tree

London Post

19-22 July 1700

There was so great a crowd of spectators yesterday to see the execution of the dutch vintner, his pretended wife, and drawer, for the murder of Esq; Norris, that there was a great deal of mischief done, but the particulars we cannot learn, only that one scaffold fell, which, I am told, kill’d one boy, and wounded several people more; one of the Sheriffs Officers, though on horseback, was so crowded, that his horse fell down under him, and he was carried off for dead; and there was nothing to be heard almost but shrieks and out-cryes of murder.

The woman was buried in Stepney-Church-Yard, but the 2 men were hang’d up in chains, both upon one gibbet, a little beyond Mile-end, which occasions a numerous crowd of spectators to go see them; many of whom are so terrified at the dismal sight, that they were forced to call in at the Golden Cabbage, alias Globe, to take a cup of the precious mortal’s reviving liquors,
to bring them to themselves again.

** Illustration above is of the permanent gallows at Tyburn that was used as the gallows from the 16th century until 1759. Located 3 miles from Newgate where Marble Arch now stands it necessitated a public cart ride in which huge crowds gathered in rapt anticipation of the death spectacle.


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