Book Review: Yorkshire by Lynne Connolly

Yorkshire (Richard and Rose, #1)Yorkshire by Lynne Connolly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lynne Connolly was a new author for me and I am so very excited to have found her!  I purchased the Kindle download of this book largely based on a Goodreads friend’s fabulous review. (Here’s the link if you care to check it out… ).

As a stickler for accurate historical detail,  I found Ms. Connolly impeccable in regard to the manners and dress of her Georgian era characters. I will also add that Ms. Connolly is one of several excellent authors I have recently read who have now made me a believer in first person narratives. I would not have imagined it working so well in a romance, as compared to biographical fiction, but it did work in this case – superbly.

While I won’t go into details of the plot in my brief review, it is a nice balance of romance and intrigue with wonderfully human characters. I found I could immediately relate to Rose as the story unfolded through her eyes, especially as she discovers a love and passion she never could have foreseen with Richard Kerre, Lord Strang.

The sexual tension between Richard and Rose and the scenes of growing intimacy as they attempt to solve a mystery are very well done – neither gratuitous nor overly graphic. Although I would have liked a bit more direct interaction between Richard and Rose at their first meeting in order to make the “love at first sight” a bit more believable, in the end it truly wasn’t all that hard to swallow.

As a self-professed Georgian Junkie I really loved this book and plan to read the rest of the series in the very near future.

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