The First World War: The War of Austrian Succession!

Portrait of Maria Theresa of Austria three years prior to her accession to the Hapsburg  dominions, and subsequent invasion by Frederick the Great of Prussia.  He was soon joined by the Elector of Bavaria and the King of France who each desired a piece of the young empress’ pie.

This week I had desired to do a short and sweet post to explain The War of Austrian Succession, a relatively obscure war that began with the succession of young Maria Theresa to the Hapsburg Dominions in 1740 – with global implications.

Trouble is, there was nothing short nor sweet about it!

The politics were a virtual ball of worms that eventually engulfed the entirety of Europe. I then happened upon this fabulous U Tube video that explains it all. I wish I could condense it down a bit, as it’s 8 minutes long,  but then again the war(s) lasted nearly 8 years. (I say wars because this conflict spawned several other conflicts across the globe.)

The map explains it all if you are patient until the end.

I hope you enjoy this visual presentation of history as much as I did.


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